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How to Achieve Organized and Attractive Cabinets

Two experts from Coyle Carpet Floor & Home share tips and insights.
By Shelby Deering

Many people would agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family members gather, delicious meals are cooked and memories are made. To keep things running smoothly, it’s helpful to have cabinets that are efficient and organized. Cabinets can be orderly and pleasing to the eye, thanks to inserts, pullouts and decorative accents.

Deann Noeding, Kitchen and Bath Designer, and Michelle Niemeyer, Marketing Director, both work for Coyle Carpet Floor & Home, a family-owned business established in 1945 offering cabinets, flooring options and more. As industry experts, they have plenty of advice on maximizing your kitchen cabinets.

Functional & Effective

"I often find that organizational items are some of the first things to go when cutting a budget," says Noeding. But Noeding says they’re well-worth the investment. "Something as simple as a drawer divider that separates plastic storage lids could save you a lot of time and sanity," she says. Niemeyer says, "Once a person decides what will be stored in a particular cabinet, that’s when the fun begins." She lists spice racks, pot and pan lid organizers, appliance garages, pullout trash bins, utensil drawers, dish drawers and pullout shelves as especially useful. Noeding adds, “If you want to take it to the next level in organization, you can add specialty items like mixer lifts, k-cup drawer inserts, cookware organizers, key and mail organizers, recycling centers, knife blocks and much more."

Noeding, a self-described "avid cook," says her spice drawer insert is a favorite item, making finding spices "super easy and quick." Another favorite is the pullout. "You can organize canisters, utensils, knives, cookie sheets and wine. The possibilities are pretty endless," she says. "Any great interior or kitchen designer will be able to assist you in finding what will be the most beneficial for you and your lifestyle," says Noeding.

Beautiful & Personal

Decorative accents are a way to customize and personalize your kitchen space. Noeding calls out crown molding, corbels and decorative hardware as details that "add a big statement."

"I call these items the ‘jewelry’ because that’s really what they are. It’s these finishing touches that really make the design shine," she says. Noeding says that glass is an element she highly recommends, because it "gives off a reflective quality that can really add sparkle and mood in combination with some great lighting."

"Glass helps add a layer of texture to the design and break up the monotony of all wood or painted cabinetry doors," she adds. She also recommends adding molding to the bottom of your cabinets. "It helps to conceal under-cabinet lighting and really gives a custom, finished look." Niemeyer believes an environment should serve one’s lifestyle, saying, "Determining how a space is used or is going to be used will be a benefit." Noeding says, "Your kitchen is an ideal place to really showcase your personality. At Coyle Carpet, we get to know your style so we can give your home the finishing touches that make your home and kitchen a place you truly enjoy."

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