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Design Renderings: Experience Your Very Own HGTV Moment with Our Designers

New technologies allow clients to see their dream room before it comes to life.
By Shelby Deering

In today's society, we have access to some pretty impressive technologies. With an iPhone, we hold all the information we could possibly need in the palms of our hands. An Amazon Echo can play your favorite music and switch off the lights just from simple voice commands. And where would we be without Google?

We live in a remarkable time filled with possibilities, which is why we're so excited about a service we've begun offering to our customers: digital design renderings.

Bobbi Breunig, Kitchen & Bath Designer, shares that the designers began presenting renderings consistently in Fall 2017. The renderings center around cabinetry options for the home.

Breunig says, "We are able to show a client various flooring selections and tile backsplash selections, along with their cabinetry and countertop colors that assist them in making a confident decision when selecting these products for their project."

As the designers guide customers through the process of creating their desired spaces, they're thrilled to provide a closer look through renderings.

Breunig explains that the designers utilize an innovative design program, called 2020 Design, to render the designs based on the selections that have been entered into the program.

"We are able to upload photos of existing flooring or download any photo off the Internet to put into our designs," Breunig says. She adds that countertop companies such as Cambria have specialized catalogs that allow designers to input specific products into the renderings.

She says, "We are even able to add sunlight to show shadowing and lighting to see how the space will look with decorative fixtures." They also include appliances, furniture, and attractive accessories to bring the space to life.

The design process begins with an initial meeting in which clients share what their ultimate dream kitchen or bathroom looks like. The designer assists in making the selections, which are then put into the design program. Breunig says that elements of the renderings can be swapped out with other selections, such as comparing backsplash colors. The designs are typically finalized in three separate appointments.

Breunig says, "I find that renderings help solidify their choices or drive them to selections since they're able to see them in their space."

And there's something new on the horizon for 2020 Designs—soon, customers will be able to use virtual reality glasses to move throughout their space.

"We're not quite there yet, but it's coming, and we're excited to see how that can further improve our customers' experiences," Breunig says.

Coyle designers love that they can create an experience for their clients that's inspired by all those bells and whistles often seen on HGTV shows.

Breunig says, "It's exciting to see my clients' eyes light up when after a long day of making selections, they get to see the design come to life right in front of them. It gives them confidence in the choices that they've made, and it allows them to believe that what we worked on together will be just what they expected–beautiful."

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