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Wall Wonders

A flooring and design consultant from Coyle Carpet Floor & Home shares her tips on creating walls that wow.
By Shelby Deering

Walls—every home has them, yet they tend to be some of the trickiest spots to decorate. In a dizzying world of paint colors, finishes, textures, wallpapers, tiles, and of course, wall art, it can be difficult to choose a design direction for those flat surfaces. And as if wall choices weren't enough, what about the ceilings? They're considered to be an opportunity to show off a home's character, too.

When it comes down to it, walls are one of the best ways to reveal the soul of a home, through colors you love, plenty of personal touches and artwork that carries sentimental meaning. Anika Laube, a flooring and design consultant at Coyle Carpet Floor & Home, has insights and tricks to achieve just that.

Accent Walls: Design Pops for Your Home

Laube's area of expertise is coordinating interior finishes for the entire home, including flooring, cabinets, tile showers, backsplash designs and paint colors. And she knows just how to bring accent walls into the mix. Laube says that accent walls "work best in small doses," and when it comes to materials, there are "lots of options on the market today for accenting walls in your home," and they include, "wood, tile and wallpaper."

"But my all-time favorite is paint," she says. "It is generally inexpensive and easy to change as lifestyles and décor evolve." Her favorite colors at the moment are navy and charcoal because they "play great off most all wood tones and against whites and creams to give depth and richness to a space."

Ceilings: The "Forgotten" Accent Walls

Many homeowners don't think of their ceilings as "accent walls." Laube observes that ceilings are often the "forgotten walls," but are "absolutely on the agenda for having great accent appeal." Just like accent walls, ceilings can have a personality all their own, spotlighting paint colors, tile, wood and other finishes. Laube says that for painting a ceiling, coating it in a dark color can make a room feel "cozy." For an architectural feel, Laube recommends adding wood beams or wainscoting. She also says that metallic ceiling tiles can add texture and light reflection.

Make Them Your Own

Accent walls can showcase your unique tastes and enhance the overall styling of a home. Laube says that currently wood textures are the "in product," saying, "Painted white shiplap brings in a coastal or cottage feel and distressed barn board textures of the Farmhouse style seem to be making their way into décor."

"There are many engineered wood products on the market now that are thinner and easier to install for wall or ceiling applications," says Laube. Laube believes that accent walls are "wonderful places to make it personal."

"Geometric patterns and bright colors evoke energy and youthfulness, while freeform design with chalk paint or decals add whimsy and invite creativity. Intricate tile designs will suggest a more refined atmosphere, while walls covered in rustic wood tend to steer toward a more relaxed feel. A home ought to be a reflection of those who live in it, and an accent wall is a great place to start."

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