Basics of Tile Care

Learning how to care for tile is easy in our free Care & Maintenance guide here! For the most part, tile products require minimal maintenance. For basic cleaning instructions follow manufacturer recommendations. Always use caution when selecting cleaning products containing...

Basics of Luxury Vinyl Floor Care

Learning how to care for luxury vinyl floors is easy with our free care and maintenance guide! There’s no cause for concern when it comes to spots, spills, or scuffs left by shoes on a luxury vinyl floor (LVP). By...

Basics of Hardwood Floor Care

Learning how to care for hardwood floors is easy with our free Care & Maintenance Guide! Whether you purchased new hardwood floors or moved into a home with existing hardwood floors, you’ll love how quick and easy it is to...

Choosing the right flooring when you have a pet

Choosing the right flooring when you have a pet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice home style for durability. By Shelby Deering Dogs, cats, and stylish flooring can go together when you choose the right materials and features. We know...

Changing Out Cabinet Hardware

By Shelby Deering Changing Out Cabinet Hardware Imagine yourself standing in your kitchen or bathroom. A lot of big ideas come to mind, from installing a new sink to completely changing the layout through extensive renovations. Those are admirable goals,...

How to Create a Backsplash

A backsplash is much more than just a surface on a kitchen wall that fills the area between upper cabinets and countertops. It’s also a practical method to boost your kitchen’s instant decor. When you need to update the aesthetic...
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